About Us!

Hello! My name is Emilie Thomas, and I own Sounds Queer, I'm In! I am a young gay woman (she/her) from Seattle with chronic pain.

I love making other people feel comfortable in themselves and I will never get enough of seeing the wonderful people of the queer community express themselves, so I created a place where they can do that!

We are a queer-owned business that exists to empower the LGBTQ+ community! I love seeing businesses with LGBTQ+ merch, but sometimes it just feels like they're there to make money off of it and they don't really care that much about the queer community (like when a brand has pride-themed products in June only and then doesn't mention gay rights at all the rest of the year).

We fight for queer rep and rights 365 days a year! We support + donate to the Trevor Project, which is a crisis line for LGBTQ+ youth to call when they need help.

Reach out to us on Instagram or through email for any details or just to chat! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Trevor Project number (USA): 1-866-488-7386

Trevor Project website: thetrevorproject.org